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Product analytics for marketers. Marketing analytics for product managers

uScore Pipelines is a tool for product and marketing teams to analyze the efficiency of their marketing channels

We automate data gathering and convert data into insights for your team 

Why Is It Needed?

  • Google Analytics works not as it was expected to work

    ● Amount goal is different to number of actual events you have. ● Default attribution model "Last click non-direct" is not relevant for your business model● You have recurrent payments which you are not able to track in Google Analytics ● Sampled data cannot be a reliable source of truth and you are on the way to gather all the data in your own data warehouse

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    Marketing team measurements

    ● Each member of your marketing team measures their efficiency in a different way: metrics from different tools, conversion window for each traffic source and attribution model. You cannot see the full picture● CAC/LTV model is too simple for your business because number of touchpoints is too high before the conversion will happen. So you have a need to evaluate acquisition activities and costs separated way of your retention activities and costs ● Marketing costs within each campaign are distributed between a single campaign goal. But visitors might perform other significant actions and that's why efficiency might be underestimated.

  • Your product has a long cycle of purchase 

    ● Separation of effectiveness between acquisition and retention channels is needed for the product team in order to see the full Customer Journey Map outside of the product.● Product teams might want to estimate costs of specific action in order to estimate the value of their feature

Here Is uScore Can Do

Data Integration

Collect all your product and marketing data in your Google BigQuery. You will. always have access to your row data. 1st pipeline is free

Enhanced Attribution

Measure efficiency of your marketing channels based on significant events your user performs

Niche Templates

Dashboards with metrics and algorithms customized for your business model(B2B SaaS, B2C SaaS, Ecommerce)

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