You can donate to the Ukrainian army through the official National Bank of Ukraine account.


You can donate to the Ukrainian army through the official National Bank of Ukraine account.

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Analyze marketing in your SaaS faster

Get 14x faster prediction about future revenue from the channel and the role of the channel in your customers journey

Was my acquisition campaign profitable?

This is the most common but also the most painful question for marketers in SaaS


3 months of waiting

According to ProfitWell, SaaS startups average about a 5-12 month CAC payback period. So usually marketers have to wait around 3 months before they can make any revenue-data-driven decision about the quality of the campaign.

Longer funnel - more factors to consider

Working with SaaS means moving customers through the product and the funnel usually is far more complicated than a simple "Register - Add to cart - Purchase" model and product analytics become a crucial part of the marketing analytics process.


Stop guessing

Usage of LTV and Churn Rate as a constant in your forecast is misleading. Getting them from different tools manually is time-consuming.So let us do it automatically with machine learning.

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Collect your data into one a single space

Grab all the data from behavioral data, subscription data and CRM data into a single source in a couple of clicks. Create your data warehouse with Google BigQuery without any line of code

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Setup your custom data model

Select significant events of your funnel to let our model know what is important for you. Customize the attribution model by setting up your product funnel and expected activities of your ideal customer 

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Get predicted performance

Get predicted LTV and payback period of the campaign on a dashboard, decide whether the channel is profitable or not before you spend all the budget


Stop using average LTV

Use all the power of data. Start clusterize your customers and predict the real LTV for users based on their behavior. Spend money on what really works

Learn faster and grow faster

Save up to 3 month waiting for the data to be collected. Use the previous experiences to speed up your channel validation process.


What clients say?

“We've realizaed how complex the journey of our customers and that help us to save the marketing budget and evaluate result in a different way”

Oleg Bolotnov

CEO at Gradual

"We found the best way to use insights of the product analytics in our marketing operations on autopilot, without spreadsheets and lines of code"

Jeff Randall

CEO at uReach

“With uScore we managed to connect our data in a couple of clicks and to to see the real influence of our channels on different stages”

Elizabeth Smith

CMO at Moori

Let your data tell you more

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